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Do I Need a Tutor?
Is Tutoring For Your Child?

Stomach aches on school days...
Lack of interest in assignments...
Behavior problems begin to arise in school...

These are often the first signs that your child is having trouble at school. For a child who struggles just to keep up, falling behind can feel like chasing a train that has left the staiton - you might as well give up and go home. Tuning in to your child's schoolwork problems early and getting him the help he needs will make it easier for him to hop back on board.

Read the Signs:
How can you tell if your child needs extra help?

A Tutor May Be the Answer If Your Child:

*  Dislikes School 
*  Struggles with homework
*  Frequently forgets homework or doesn't turn it in
*  Demonstrates a pattern of slowly failing grades in school
*  Develops low self esteem and thinks negatively of himself in relation to school performance
*  Makes excuses as to why she is not working up to his or her abilitiy
*  Acts out in school or loses interest in learning
*  Struggles to focus on a task (spends time daydreaming, or is easily distracted, etc)
*  Has test scores that do not reflect his or her daily performance

Take Action - Don't Wait!

When you feel that your child is falling behind don't wait to seek help. Schedule a meeting with your child's teacher as soon as possible to determine if your child is on target for their grade level.  Talk about the various options that are available to help your child succeed. Taking a proactive approach to your child's learning is critical in the long run. A few months of tutoring now could not only keep your child from a declining low self-esteem but could also save them from repeating an entire school year.

What To Know

Ask tutors how they will help your child master specific skills and request testing to determine the specific skills your child is missing. A good tutor will teach the skills that your child is missing and not just what he is working on at school. Building a foundation and filling in gaps is important to reaching grade level material and being able to do homework independently. By utilizing the results of an assessment test, you can benchmark your child's progress. Make sure the tutor will work with you and your child's teachers to create an individual program based on your child's current needs.

What Most People Don't Realize:

Tutors can also be utilized to help excel students above grade level! Many teachers and parents today are satisfied when students are making grade level requirements, however, many students may be capable of excelling above those requirements. A tutor can help be the difference between your child being "status quo", or being at the top of their class - or higher - in all subject areas.

Be Proactive:
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