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Where is ABC Tutoring located?
ABC Tutoring is conveniently located at TWO locations:

 2080 SR 540 (Winter Lake Road)
Winter Haven, FL 33880


1690 Dundee Road
Winter Haven, FL 33884

At the studio, parents are welcome to wait in the waiting rooms while
tutoring takes place. Toys, books, and games are available for siblings
while waiting. 

What grade levels do you tutor? 
Pre-Kindergarten - Adult

What is your specialty?
Reading Instruction, Reading Remediation, Math

What other subject areas do you specialize in?
Language Arts, Spelling, Math, Science, Social Studies, Study Skills, 
Typing, Computer Skills, Test Taking Skills (FCAT), ACT, SAT, TABE, etc.

How long are the tutoring sessions? 
Sessions are one hour in length.

How much do you charge? 
Tutoring is tuition-based and is due on the 1st of the month: 

2020 Rates
1 session / week = $160 per month
2 sessions / week = $280 per month
3 sessions / week = $420 per month
4 sessions / week = $560 per month
5 sessions / week = $700 per month
(based on a 4-week month)

Registration Fee: $85
Registration Fee includes:
1) Registration Fee
2) A Detailed Assessment
3) A One-On-One Consultation with the parent
to go over the results of the
and discuss remediation
plan and goals

Call for more information. 

Rates are subject to change.

How are payments made? 
Cash, check, money order, or online using Intuit Payment Network using a checking account.
To make a payment online, click on the Pay Now button at the bottom of your email that contains the invoice. 

How do I get started? 
Call 863-293-6172 for a free phone consultation. 
There is no obligation whatsoever! 
I will discuss your child's academic needs and how ABC Tutoring can help. 
If you decide to continue, an assessment of your child will be scheduled.

What times and days do you offer tutoring?
Tutoring is available Monday - Friday from 3:00 pm - 8:00 pm or by appointment.

Will my child be scheduled with other students? 
NO. ABC Tutoring only does one-on-one tutoring specifically tailored to YOUR child's needs.

What kind of programs do you use with your students?
We primarily use Orton-Gillingham, a proven method of multi-sensory language instruction specially developed for helping dyslexic learners and struggling readers. We expand this method to work with children and adults with other language-based learning differences, English language learners, and persons with ADHD. It is also a great method for non-learning-disabled students. We also use various Lindamood-Bell programs. 

What kind of incentives do you offer for the students during the sessions? 
Children love to be challenged and have fun! Standards are set high for students at ABC Tutoring and they LOVE to meet them; and they are rewarded for doing so! Stickers, Prizes, Points, Treats, Games, Food, and...MONEY are great incentives for excelling in their daily goal! Kids can't wait to come and hate to leave!

How will I know how my child is doing at ABC Tutoring? 
Understanding your child's progress in tutoring is an important part of ABC Tutoring. Your child's tutor will discuss your child's progress after their sessions. The tutor will describe areas that were worked on as well as successes and difficulties your child had during their session. This will help you better understand the progress your child is making and how you can help at home.

If you have further questions please call ABC Tutoring at 863-293-6172 
or click here
to contact by e-mail at