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Here's What Parents Are Saying: 

"I’m am very appreciative of the help we have received from Karen (tutor). J. went from a D in math to a B and has had so much more confidence. We will be starting back up once things settle down (with the cornoavirus) and the new school year begins. Thank you!" M.S., Parent of a 3rd Grader, Winter Haven, FL

"My daughter is doing so very well in school and she's learned so much in math. She's quick with it now and only needs the occasional nudge in the right direction to complete a math problem. Miss Karen, her tutor, is the absolute best tutor and person ever!! We just love her! You made the perfect match for my daughter and she is thriving because of it. The math program that you recommended in the very beginning worked like a charm with her brain. We tried for three years to get her to memorize her times tables! Miss Karen did it in less than a month! Amazing! You ladies are doing a fantastic job!!" Tia S., Parent of a 6th Grader, Lake Alfred, FL

"My daughter really loved it there and her tutor was super super nice. If it weren’t for yall ,my daughter wouldn’t be where she is now with reading. I’m so glad I took her there. I really can’t thank you enough! You know how bad she was struggling, and she would stress so much, so thank you!"

Delia M. Parent of a 3rd Grader, Winter Haven, FL

"Thank you for helping my daughter with her math these past few months. She went from having zero motivation with school work to being confident about her academic performance. They recently gave her the "Most Improved In Math" award at school, which is also thanks to you. We've seen remarkable results and we can't wait to work with you again. Have a wonderful summer!" Alondra M. Parent of an 8th Grader, Auburndale, FL

"I am very happy with the progress my son has made this school year.  He started the school reading at a 1.2 level and mid-semester he was at a 2.4.  Last week he tested at a 3.4 which is amazing! Mrs. Annette has done a wonderful job tutoring with Robbie!!! Thank you so much!" Jodie N., Parent of a 3rd Grader, Winter Haven, FL

"I would just like to say thank you for all of your assistance made for my 11th grade son since joining ABC Tutoring. Bryce has passed all of his PERT tests needed for graduation. His tutor has been a God-send and I would just like to thank her as well. He jumped to a 113 in Reading since starting tutoring back in August, 2018. I will highly recommend your services to any other parent in need of help with their kids. My son's confidence and his test taking skills have improved, and we thank ABC Tutoring for that. I would like to now begin working with him in other areas of life: finances, responsibilities, etc., but none of this could have been done without your help. You have been nothing but helpful to us. Thank you again."

Gregory E. Parent of an 11th Grader, Winter Haven, FL

"I wanted to let you know that my daughter passed her English CompositionII class with the help of your tutor! This was her 4th attempt! I’m so grateful to you and ABC Tutoring!!!!!   Hopefully she will get through Literature. If she has trouble, you will hear from us! Thank you!"

Diane G. Parent of a College Student, Winter Haven, FL

"I wanted to thank you again for all the help that you gave Ian with his math skills over the summer. The progress that he made in the four weeks with you was amazing! Not only did his math skills improve, but he also enjoyed learning, which was not the case this past school year. Because of your dedication and hard work, I know that Ian will go into the fourth grade with the math skills he needs to succeed. Thank you again."

Phyllis G. Grandparent of a 4th Grader, Davenport, FL

"We’ve really enjoyed working with ABC tutoring, and Mr. Paul has really helped my granddaughter this year. We plan to return next year for help with Geometry and Algebra 2."

Barbara D., Grand Parent of a 7th Grader, Winter Haven, FL

"Ms. Susanne has done a great job working with my son. His grades are all up to all As and one B! Thank you so much! I have told many friends and teachers how helpful you have been in guiding us through this process. If we need help in the future, we will reach out to you all again!! Thank you!"

Megan K. Parent of a 4th Grader, Winter Haven, FL

"Lynda, you assessed Khloe and BOY DID YOU HELP THAT GIRL!!! She is progressing with her peers and is now in regular reading and in advanced math classes. I'm sure you hear that all the time, that you changed someone's life, but here's another one. She used to be called stupid by her classmates. Now she is shining and has some self confidence about school for the first time in her life. It is amazing to see what you did for her. So thank you!"

Susan G. Winter Haven, FL

"I hope all is well! I just wanted to reach out to you to tell you that in the little bit of time that our paths crossed you made such a difference in our lives. Had I not made that initial phone call to you to inquire about tutoring, Aidan would still be at his old school struggling. You took the time to answer every question we had, and directed us to a school that was right for Aiden. We had our first parent/teacher conference today, and Aidan is progressing and headed in the right direction! Our family is so grateful to you and ABC Tutoring and I just felt the need to tell you. Thank you so very much. You are a blessing!" Stacy G. Parent of 3rd Grader, Winter Haven, FL

"I wanted to write a short note to let you know what a huge impact Ms. Karen has made in my daughter's life.  Two years ago my daughter was struggling with math.  I was lucky enough to meet a lady who suggested ABC Tutoring.  As soon as I met Lynda McCartney, I knew we were in great hands.  She matched my daughter, Tru Joy, with Ms. Karen, one of the tutors at ABC Tutoring.  Karen has become so much more than a tutor to Tru.  She is a true role model for my daughter.  The difference in Tru's confidence level is amazing.  Karen knows just how to explain math concepts to her in a way Tru is able to go into school and participate in class discussions.  When Tru started at ABC Tutoring, I was so worried because her grades were suffering.  This past June, Tru graduated 5th grade and earned a "Straight A Award".  It is just incredible what Lynda and Karen have done for her.  In August, Tru will be able to enter middle school and we both know that with Karen's influence, we can look forward to much more success." Sam F., Parent of 6th Grader, Lake Alfred, FL 

"Both of my children are doing wonderfully at school and a huge part of their success has been because of their wonderful tutors at ABC Tutoring, Annette and Darlene! We couldn't be more pleased with the progress we have seen in the last year and I have recommended your services many times to other families that I have met looking for help with their children and their academic challenges. Thank you for everything!" Katie S., Parent of 2nd Grader & 4th Grader, Winter Haven, FL
"I just wanted to give you a little "blip" of an example of my son's improvement since you are the one who was able to see where we were when we started back in November I took both boys shopping for Father's day. They picked gifts, then we headed to Walgreens for cards. BOTH of the boys (!!!!) looked carefully through, picked up cards and READ them, out loud, without me prompting them!! Justin has come so far with his reading and his confidence. Because of that, we can never tell you how grateful we are. Thank you- Thank you -Thank you!!!"

Diane M. Parent of 5th Grader, Winter Haven, FL

"I am Jackson's grandmother.  I just wanted to pass on to you that Jackson's teacher shared with me today his reading fluency scores.  He went from a 57 words per minute in January to 93 wpm this week!! What a gain!  Thanks for all you're doing!!!"

Proud Grandmother of a  2nd Grader; Winter Haven, FL

"Thank you so much! Ms. Lynda, we absolutely love Ms. Donna, Lainey's tutor. She has done so well with her, we have been making huge improvements, and it is finally starting to show up in school. I cannot wait for her to be with Miss Donna over the summer and go back to school in the fall showing them who she really is. She has so much more confidence in herself thanks to y'all. It is so incredibly nice to have the extra backbone we have with y'all. We weren't getting what we needed from the school and I am extremely happy to say that we went with ABC Tutoring to get her the help she needs. We used to spend an hour trying to get through a book. Now she is more than happy to run up to me letting me know that she is about to read it to me. It has put me in tears a few times to see the happiness on her face. Shoot, going to see Miss Donna is Lainey's favorite part of the week, which lets me know that she is now excited to learn. And now it's much easier to get up for school in the mornings because now she has that extra confidence to take into the classroom with her. Y'all are amazing. Thank you so much!!!"

K.W. Parent of a 1st Grader, Dundee, FL "Thank you for all of your assistance with my daughter. Ms. Valorie has provided excellent tutoring services. We have seen marked improvement in her math performance." Thank you! L.H. Parent of 9th Grader, Lake Alfred, FL
"I am very pleased with my daughter's progress. I noticed that she is starting to read with more confidence and her grade went up in Reading. I am going to email you her new report card. Thank you!" Maria B. Parent of 1st Grader, Auburndale, FL
 "I wanted to let you know that my son seems to be doing really well with his tutor, Mr. Roger. He really looks forward to seeing him every week. Mr. Roger has found ways to connect and work with him to make it seem like he is not learning when he really it. I also, think it is good that his tutoring is male-to-male. For some reason, my son responds better to a male authority. It could be because he has only had female teachers. Whatever it is, I am just happy and grateful  he is getting the one on one. Thank you so much!"
Stacey B. Parent of a 2nd Grader, Winter Haven, FL
"Being at ABC has been a life saver in getting me to the point that I was able to be educated on what was going on with with my daughter and for all the help and support that I have received that finally got her the IEP that she so desperately needs. I can not say thank you enough for all you both have done. You are such special people to us and have changed not only my daughter's life but mine as well. Thank you for caring so much! Susan A., Parent of a 1st Grader, Winter Haven, FL "Thank you for all your help.  You have been wonderful in helping me get a better hold of my daughter's education. " Felicia W., Parent of a 6th Grader, Winter Haven FL
"My two boys are tutoring with Ms. Darlene and Ms. Annette. We continue to be so happy with your/their services! The kids are doing fantastic! Thank you!"
Katie S., Parent of a 1st and 3rd Grader, Winter Haven, FL "I want to thank you again for all the help you have provided us. You have gone way above anything we thought a tutor or learning center would do. Thank you!" Crystal B., Parent of a 3rd Grader, Winter Haven, FL "I just wanted to inform you....My son has all A's and B's.  Thank you so much!  I really appreciate all your tutors, your phone calls, and your advice."
Jamie B., Parent of a 7th Grader, Lake Alfred, FL "As you know, it was recommended that Cody receive math tutoring throughout the summer. I made the decision to continue with tutoring until Cody received his first report card and I am happy to report that he got a "98" A. He feels confident that he can continue on this this path. I want to thank you, ABC Tutoring, and Ms. Darlene for helping Cody gain a great mathematical foundation. God Bless and thank you so much!" Shannon L., Parent of a 6th Grader, Eagle Lake, FL
"We are extremely pleased with our experience at ABC Tutoring. Lynda evaluated our daughter and the testing was very thorough. She was very relational and kind; our daughter felt comfortable and at ease. Lynda went over the results with us right away and I left that first appointment with new, helpful information. Our daughter loved going to her tutoring sessions and was enthusiastic about her tutor and the work they did together. She made great progress in a short amount of time and it has been a relief to see her confidence soar. I highly recommend ABC tutoring for anyone who is wondering how to help a child struggling with reading or schoolwork." Ashley B., Parent of a 4th Grader - Lakeland, FL

"I just wanted to update you on my son's progress. Connor is now finished with ninth grade and did great all year. 
He was in all honors classes, took Algebra 2 and passed with an A. To top it all off, he took the PERT and passed all three sections. Yes, at 15 and in the ninth grade!! We couldn't be happier with his progress. I wanted to send this note to you, not to brag, but to encourage you! You and Connor's tutors were such a great help to Connor. I have never been able to find the words to express what kind of impact I think you have truly had. I am so truly thankful to God for placing you in our lives. We appreciate your passion for teaching children like ours who struggle, and your willingness to see the potential within them."
T.C., Parent of a 9th Grader, Auburndale, FL 

"I greatly appreciate all that you have done for Bradley in tutoring him in his online World History class. When we first came to ABC Tutoring, I was unsure if Bradley would graduate from high school since this course was a requirement for him. He passed the class with an 82%, which was a great accomplishment since when he started with ABC Tutoring he had a low D. Because of you, Bradley is graduating from high school! Thank you so much!

Pam B. Parent of a 12th Grader, Winter Haven, FL 

"My daughter is excelling in reading now going from reading in a robotic way to reading chapter books in her short 3 week's time with you. I think she needed that extra push to become confident. Thank you especially to Kerri, her tutor. She was amazing with Isabella. Also, my son, 
Cameron made a 90% on his math final exam!!! He struggles so much in math and the tutoring he received from ABC definitely has helped. In his short time back at ABC Tutoring, he's gone from 60% to 71%. I know if we keep it up over the summer, he will have more confidence and do better. Thank you again, for your kindness and patience with my children."
Maria R. Parent of 1st Grader & 6th Grader, Winter Haven, FL 

"Not sure if Ms. Donna told you but Kayla passed the FSA state testing with a 2, so she will be moving onto the 4th grade.

At the beginning of school year she had 8%  probability of even passing the FSA and the middle of year it went to 33% probability. Also each report it kept saying “ not meet promotion requirements”. The odds where never in her favor, but I could not be more happier with her processing in tutoring and the HELP from Ms. Donna. Thanks! 
Jennifer H. Parent of a 3rd Grader, Winter Haven, FL 

"Nothing made sense to me about my child until I found Lynda at ABC Tutoring. Thank you!" 
Chrystal R. Parent of a 2nd Grader, Winter Haven, FL 

"I have attached Lilly's IEP for Middle School and her report card.  Lilly has come a long way since she has started tutoring with ABC Tutoring and especially her tutor Mrs.  GaJauna.  I feel like she has progressed so much this year from last year. "
Daisy H. Parent of a 5th Grader, Winter Haven, FL 

"I just wanted to take a few minutes out of the day to tell the both of you THANK YOU! .Mrs. Lynda I thank you for  being able to recognize that Aniayah had a problem and give me the information needed to help her. I was completely lost when it came to learning disabilities.Ms. Robbie, you are SIMPLY AMAZING! You have actually made Aniayah want to learn. She doesn't think it's anything she can't do. Aniayah has done a complete 360 turn around! She has the confidence level of a TIGER! She has made the A/B honor roll this last quarter. I just received an e-mail from her teacher that I will forward to you guys. YOU GUYS ROCK!"
Tracy B. Parent of a 1st grader, Winter Haven, FL

"I had some exciting news and I just wanted to share it with you and Milani.  Connor just went for eighth grade orientation today and we received all off his EOC grades and FCAT scores for last year. He made a 3 in FCAT reading. I think that is amazing for a little boy who was reading on a first grade level just 4 years ago. He also took Algebra 1 Honors last year and passed the EOC with a B. That means that he has a high school credit for Math in the seventh grade. He also has a credit for Spanish 1. He did well in every class! He would like to go to the pre-collegiate school at Berkley for ninth and tenth grades, and on to Chain of Lakes Collegiate for his junior and senior years. Believe that...he has a plan...and it includes school!!! We are so excited!  I just needed to say "THANK YOU" again and tell you how amazing you all are. We know that without your guidance, encouragement and tutoring program we would still be struggling. We are so blessed that God lead us to you. Again, thank you so much. You and Milani couldn't possibly understand what true blessings you both are. 
God Bless You!
Tawana L. Parent of 8th grader, Winter Haven, FL 

Just a quick note to share Gwen's FCAT resultsShe got a 3 in Math and a 3 in Science and a 4 in Reading. We are very happy for her, and she is relieved after having gotten a 2 in math last year. Thanks for your help!
Cheryl S., Parent of 5th Grader, Eagle Lake, FL

Just wanted to thank you. We got the progress reports for Joshua; All As and Bs, I am at work right now but I will scan the progress report so  you can see it. Honestly, I can't thank you enough, You have no idea what type of relief it is for me as a parent. Joshua's teacher actually asked me via email to share your contact info because of the results she has seen in Joshua. So, I  forwarded your info. Now my main concern is my other twin, Jonathan. Let me talk to my wife so we can set up Jonathan's assessment. "  Report Card Update: "I have to tell you that I am extremely grateful to you. You have done a great job with Jonathan! Looking back from when his teacher was telling me that he is going to repeat kindergarten to now he is "Student of the Month" and many notes from the teacher saying, "I am very proud of Joshua". He got all A's on his report card! It makes my world much happier! I would like to set up an appointment to get my other son started as soon as possible. I can't thank you enough. Please take a look at Joshua's report card, straight A's and Probability of Reading Success (PRS) from 63% to 90%! Thank you so much !!! 
David M. Parent of Kindergarten twins, Winter Haven, FL 

Our experience (at ABC Tutoring) has been very pleasant and I see improvement in my son's reading. Thanks again for everything you all have done we truly appreciate it. 
Joteish R., Parent of  3rd grader, Winter Haven, FL 

"Caleb has come so far in this journey and all the credit is due to ABC Tutoring.  If it weren't for you and his tutor, he'd still be struggling!  As his mom, I can't thank you enough! So proud!"
Annette V., Parent of a 5th grader, Winter Haven, FL

"When I first contacted ABC Tutoring I thought there was very little hope for my gifted and severely dyslexic 8-year-old son, whose emotional struggles and attentional problems together with his learning disability had left him falling further and further behind when he should have been at the top of his class.  It was heartbreaking to watch a kid with so much potential and ability spiral down the road to academic failure, believing he was "stupid." As I researched and learned about the correlation between untreated dyslexia and crime and unemployment, I became desperate. I used to say that I just needed to find my son his own Anne Sullivan -- the remarkable woman who taught Helen Keller to communicate and interact with the world around her. But those kinds of teachers are so rare. So I thank God that we found Miss Karen at ABC Tutoring, who really is this kind of rare gem. In two months my son went from rage and crying over reading to being excited to show me what he's learned. He now approaches more difficult words with confidence and a good attitude. Dyslexia is a lifelong journey along a difficult road, but now we travel along it inspired by hope. Thanks, Miss Karen!"

Syble H., Parent of 2nd grader, Winter Haven, FL

I will definitely keep you posted on Aubrey's test scores.  We have enjoyed your tutoring services so much, and Aubrey seems much more confident and ready for her tests.
Janice E., Parent of 11th grader, Davenport, FL

"We are all so very excited!! McKenzie passed the FCAT! We are so proud of her accomplishments!! We truly are grateful that we attended your seminar (on dyslexia) that Saturday at the Winter Haven Library!! While there are several factors medicine, practice... I know without a doubt that ABC Tutoring was directly responsible for her awesome results!!"
Jessica K., Parent of a 3rd grader, Haines City, FL

"I wanted to let you know that Joey received an “A” on his 3 science projects and a “B” on his Language arts project. He finished so much better after you helped him.  2 A’s, 3B’s and 3C’s.  2 of the C’s were high, 78 and 79.  He’s come a long way…he had 2 D’s at the beginning of the year.

Thank you SO much and I look forward to seeing you again in August. 
Gina S., Parent of 7th Grader, Winter Haven, FL 

I am so extremely pleased with the improvement Tucker has made since he started tutoring 6 months ago. He scored a 2.2 on his STAR testing 2 weeks ago which takes him from a 0.5 at Christmas last year to a 2.2 now. That's 1 year, 9 months of reading growth in just 6 short months!!!!! He also did well on his final Discovery & 1st grade SAT10. Without the help of his teacher at school & Susan he would have not made such huge strides. I also want to tell you how happy I have been with Susan, his tutor! From day one she was extremely helpful and has worked really well with him. Tucker loves Ms.Susan and loves coming to tutoring. I feel like Susan always squeezes in as much as she possible can in their time together & Tucker always walks away with something new he has learned. We will miss her! Thank you for everything from my first frantic phone call to you still checking in on him now. I have been extremely happy with ABC Tutoring!

Amanda F. Parent of 2nd grader, Winter Haven, FL

I tell people about you and ABC Tutoring all of the time. You, Ms Kyri, and Ms. Marisa have truly made a difference in Naomi's life. She has been through so much in the last couple of years. I think it's important that she has strong, encouraging, positive people in her life to teach her that no matter what we can overcome the difficulties in life and succeed. With your help we were able to get Naomi into the Robert's Academy. Again, we couldn't have done this without your help and guidance. Someone was looking over our shoulders last summer when a friend of a friend posted something on Facebook about ABC Tutoring. Thank you!
Michelle S., Grandparent of a 3rd grader, Lakeland, FL

Dear Ms. Lynda,  You must know how much I appreciate ABC Tutoring Service.  I tell my friends and anyone who will listen how we could not have made it through 1st and now 2nd grade without your services.  Sean is maturing and progressing steadily, he feels confident at Roberts Academy and is doing well. In fact, we received his first interim report and Lynda, for the first time he earned mostly A's and B's!!!  Whoo Hoo!!  I am so proud of him and grateful for your team. This is total confirmation of what you guys have been able to accomplish with him. Thank You, Thank You.
Shaundra S., Parent of a 2nd grader, Winter Haven, FL 

Ashley is doing well at her new school, its been just about a month and she is keeping up just fine.  The aggressive tutoring schedule you came up with at the beginning of summer was perfect. As for Misty, her tutor, she was a rock star this summer! If Ashley starts to struggle you will be the first one I reach out to. I've seen the rest of your tutors interact with the kids at your center - they are all good stuff.  I'm also planning to reach out to you prior to summer and discuss summer sessions, kind of like this past one.  Just to keep it the momentum going. Thanks for all you did to help Ashley get caught up this summer! 
John L., Parent of a 5th grader, Winter Haven, FL

We greatly appreciate all you and Ms. Susan have done.  If our situation ever changes you will be the first person we call!!
Tiffany D., Parent of a 3rd grader, Auburndale, FL

Just wanted to stop by and say hello and thank you for all of everything you have done for Naomi. You have truly been a god-send to Naomi and me. We couldn't have gotten where we are today if it weren't for you! Thank You!
Beth S. Parent of a 3rd grader, Lakeland, FL

Our daughter Grace started at ABC Tutoring in November of 2010. She was in third grade at the time and had poor reading and math skills. She scored at the level of a mid-first grader. With such low scores she was struggling and unlikely to pass the FCAT. She worked twice weekly with Karen and when the FCAT arrived in April she scored a 3 in math and reading! Her reading confidence greatly improved. We continued throughout the summer and into the first 9 weeks of fourth grade. On her first report card in fourth grade she made the A & B honor roll. This was the first time in years she had done this! She is right on target with fourth graders and has improved confidence, reading skills, and studying abilities. ABC Tutoring and Karen have done a wonderful job. I recommend them all of the time. It is worth the commitment and money. I feel that without ABC my daughter would have had to repeat the third grade. Thank you Lynda and Karen!
Dania R., Parent of a 4th grader, Winter Haven, FL

"Lynda McCartney (ABC Tutoring) is by far, exceeding all expectations expected from any tutorial assistance! My 6 year-old daughter, who was struggling in 1st grade, leaped 150% in progress after only 3 days a week (one hour each session) within a 3 month period. She was reading at a 0.9 (9th month of Kindergarten) at the end of February, and by the end of May was at a 2.3 (2nd grade, 3rd month level). She was failing school when we met Lynda. Today, only a few months later she is an accelerated reader. Mrs. McCartney finds these children's weakness and attacks it, then builds up their strengths! It WORKS! Thank-God for this perceptive and intuitive instructor!" 
Heather G., Winter Haven, FL - Parent of 1st Grader

"My daughter has been tutoring with Lynda now for 3 months. In these three months Jenna has gained two years worth of knowledge in reading that has been verified through the school. Before starting with Lynda, Jenna had no chance of passing the FCAT this year. I now have no worries that Jenna WILL PASS! I believe Jenna missed out on a few key components along the way during her regular schooling that she would have never gotten past without on-on-one help. Her future is limitless now." 
Susie R., Winter Haven, FL., Parent of 3rd Grad FCAT Student (Passed!)

"Our seven year-old son began tutoring with Lynda in February, 2010. His reading improvement has been tremendous. Now in 2nd grade, he is already reading and decoding at 3rd grade levels. Lynda makes learning fun. We often hear laughter and excitement during the sessions. Our son often says, "Yea, Ms. Lynda tonight!" Lynda is a one-of-a-kind teacher and we highly recommend her. We feel fortunate to have found her." 
Jason I., Lakeland, FL Parent of 1st Grader

"Lynda McCartney of ABC Tutoring was truly a godsend for my son and me. After a casual conversation with her regarding my son's difficulty with spelling she encouraged me to look into the possibility that he might be dyslexic. Although I didn't want to believe it, I took her advice and educated myself on this learning disability. She hit the nail right on the head! Lynda's knowledge regarding difficulties in reading, spelling, and arithmetic is phenomenal. She is extraordinary in her ability to diagnose the child and encourage the parent. Her passion and calling is to help children become vibrant readers, spellers and mathematicians while giving parents hope that their child can succeed when they are taught the way they can learn. Lynda has an uncanny way of being able to calm the child and make the tutoring sessions fun. She continues to educate herself on curriculum that is on the market so she can find the right program for the child. When so many other programs I tried failed to teach my child how to spell and read accurately, she was able to point me to a program that worked. Now my son is on the road to success and his confidence is beginning to soar. I highly recommend Lynda as a certified reading and spelling tutor. She is a marvelous resource with a caring heart and a passion to educate both her students and the public regarding certain learning difficulties." 
Diana W., Winter Haven, FL 
- Parent of 6th Grader

Ms. Lynda and Ms. Karen, Attached is Donna's final report card for 1st grade. I am very pleased with Donna's report card and her progress. I have noticed her sounding out words as we drive down the road, (that didn't ever happen before). She even sounded out the Handicap Parking sign the other day! Thank you both so much for what you do, it means a great deal to me!! 
Karen S., Winter Haven, FL - Parent of a 1st Grader

I just want to say thank you for all that you have done for Aiden over the last year. You have made him the confident student he is today and I can't thank you enough. He has truly excelled and soared in his academics. A year ago I would have never imagined he would have taken off like he did. You are an amazing teacher, Lynda, with a very special gift. We are forever grateful! Thank you again and again!
Heather L., Auburndale, FL 
- Parent of a 2nd Grader

Karen, I have no idea what went on in your small classroom on Tuesday, July 26th. But I have not seen Kaden so excited after attending any type of learning experience. He talked about working with you before I even asked him how the session went. His statements included: "That was the best school ever!" "Why was that class so short?" I love the breaks she lets me take." I want to go to that school again." The lessons you asked him to practice at home he eagerly showed me. I caught him doing them while riding in the car the following day. He wanted to take his memory game over to see his grandparents and taught them how to play as well. I am still in awe! So what ever you are doing, keep up the great work!" "Kaden just loves Ms. Karen and is learning lots!"
Kalen R. Winter Haven, FL - Parent of 1st Grader

"Karen is a wonderful person and tutor.  She has worked side by side with Zarrea since June 2010 when Zarrea was a POSSIBLE RETENTION for the 3rd grade.  She is very patient, polite, soft-spoken, caring and just a good person.  She is quite attentive to detail and she listens when Zarrea speaks and works with her to reach the best resolution for her struggles.  Zarrea is quite challenged when it comes to reading and comprehension.  Since she has been tutored at ABC Tutoring by Karen, she has not only improved by passing to the 4th Grade through summer school, she really enjoys reading and story telling.  Zarrea looks forward to seeing Karen every week so she can continue to improve her reading abilities.  Also, Karen is working with her on her Math skills and Zarrea tells me after each session, "Mommie, she told me it is as easy as tying your shoes and I actually get it".  Before we started ABC Tutoring my child did not enjoy school because she struggled and really did not understand a lot in regard to reading comprehension but now we have done a 360 degree turnaround and I could not be happier!" 
Sherrea W., Lakeland, FL - Parent of 3rd Grade FCAT Student (Passed!)

"My seven year-old daughter, Carmen, began tutoring with Mrs. McCartney the 1st of January, 2009. Carmen is home schooled and does well in other subjects but has always struggled with reading. I have five children, the first three learned to read easily. The curriculum we used for the older siblings did not make sense to our two youngest children requiring us to seek tutoring. I was very impressed with our first meeting with Lynda. She performed a reading assessment with Carmen while I was listening from the waiting room. Carmen was enjoying her self so much, and Lynda was giving her so much praise. Here Carmen was at a beginning level, but she never knew it because of all the positive reinforcement Lynda was able to giver her that day. Carmen knew only two sight words on day one. Now a few months later, Carmen knows over 100 sight words and is beginning to read books. I believe the Barton program used by Lynda is just the tool to help Carmen overcome her reading difficulties. Carmen sees Lynda twice a week and looks forward to it every time. Lynda always greets her with a smile and accomplishes so much in that one hour."
Karen D., Winter Haven, FL - Parent of 2nd Grader

"I have been bringing my son to ABC Tutoring for the last month. We have seen a very big difference in his reading. Ms. Lynda has provided him with fun tools to help him when he reads. He uses them every time. It is very hard for my son to open up to someone and take in what he is being taught, however with Ms. Lynda he opens up and takes in everything that she teaches. My son told me, "Mom, the money you are spending is worth the tutoring." I believe it has been so far and will continue to be well spent as long as it is here at ABC Tutoring." 
Stephanie S., Winter Haven, FL
- Parent of 3rd Grade FCAT Student (He Passed!)

"My daughter, Lauren, is doing great!  She loves going to Miss Milanie.  I think she is finally getting it, that the things she is learning at ABC are the things she needs to apply to her school work. Thanks for a great tutor!" 
Susan W., Winter Haven, FL - Parent of 2nd Grader

"When I began homeschooling our only child, I was completely new to teaching. Lynda McCartney has been an invaluable source of guidance and advice ever since!  In particular, she has given me guidance and assistance in knowing how to teach my son to read. Through e-mail correspondences and attachments she has explained the "learning-to-read" process and explained all the tools I needed to teach my son to read successfully! A little over half a year after we began, my son was able to read the entire 'Night Before Christmas' poem which we recorded and sent to his grandparents for Christmas. A year later, my son is now a first grader and just completed his first standardized test. According to the Woodcock Johnson III, he scored a national percentile rank of 85 ("very advanced") for 'Letter-Word Identification' and 83 ("advanced") for 'Broad Reading'! This means that he scored higher than 85% and 83% (in those two categories respectively) of first-grade students nationally!! Lynda's help has been the key to his success. Most importantly, our son reads with ease, comprehension and fluency....which will better enable him to learn more about whatever interests him now and in the future. Thank you, Lynda!"
Terri A., Carry, NC., Parent of a 1st Grader.

"My daughter has always had trouble with reading. No matter how much we worked on it she didn't seem to be improving and her schoolwork was beginning to suffer. After two months, her reading level has improved dramatically and I even see a difference in her writing ability. We don't struggle as much with homework because she usually gets it right the first time. Before she started tutoring she was redoing her homework two or three times. It's been a great investment because now I see how much she loves to read."
Kelly H., Winter Haven, FL - Parent of 4th Grader

"My granddaughter, Sydney, and I discussed Ms. Karen and the word we both used was "AWESOME'. If Sydney were as excited about going to school as she was about going to see Ms. Karen, it would be wonderful. Ms. Karen makes it fun and exiting and Sydney loves every minute of it. Sydney has learned so much from Ms. Karen, and Ms. Karen has a plan with a future date when we will see their hard work pay off. Right now, Sydney looks forward to every minute she spends with Ms. Karen.  I don't think I can ask for more!" 
Kathy V., Winter Haven, FL - Grandparent of 3rd Grader

"My son has been tutoring with Lynda for 5 months, and I have seen a tremendous progress in his reading skills. Lynda makes reading sessions a fun and a learning experience for my son. His “FAIR Reading” test score went from a 65% to a 75%. I am so pleased and so happy with the progress that my son has made and that is why I definitely recommend Lynda as a reading tutor." 
Lorna R., Winter Haven, FL -
Parent of 1st Grader

"My son was struggling in school and I couldn't understand why. His grades were fair, but he was struggling in every class. Within one week of tutoring with Ms. Lynda I saw a tremendous difference in his confidence, schoolwork and attitude. Christian was hungry for more and that's exactly what she gave him, more. She has excellent teaching skills, patience, and the drive to exceed standards. I am so very blessed to have her in our lives."
Tracie W., Winter Haven, FL - Parent of 2nd Grader

"I just wanted to let you know how great Karen has been for Blake. He has always complained about tutoring until now (he has been with several school tutors and private tutors). She has already made such progress with Blake in two short months. Blake actually enjoys going to tutoring now. We are very blessed to have found her to help Blake. I would highly recommend her to anyone who has a child struggling with reading. She is awesome!"
Stacie O. Winter Haven, FL - Parent of 3rd Grader

"Let me express how thrilled I have been with Lynda McCartney and her work with my nine year-old daughter. As a home schooling mom, who has spent the last three years struggling to teach my child to read, it has brought me such peace as I see her finally having success in this area. Lynda has been professional with me, enthusiastic during lessons, and sensitive to the emotions of my daughter, I highly recommend her as a reading tutor."
Susan A., Auburndale, FL - Parent of 4th Grader

“Lynda took my child, in three months, from being a struggling 1st Grade reader to the Accelerated Reader of the Month (for the entire 1st Grade)! Now she is reading at an upper 2nd grade level!”  
Carmen R., Poinciana, FL, - Parent  of 1st Grader

“I am privileged to write in support of my daughter's tutor, Mrs. Lynda McCartney. Krystal has been going to Mrs. McCartney for 7 months, during which time I witnessed her tremendous achievement in reading and writing. I have seen remarkable improvement in Krystal's grades. Her efforts have produced high quality results. This is why I offer a high recommendations for Mrs. Lynda McCartney with absolute confidence."
Cresian, Poinciana, FL - Parent of 1st Grader

"I brought my 3rd grade son to Lynda because his teacher felt that he would not pass the FCAT. He was reading at a 2nd grade level and was having trouble with comprehension.  In six weeks Lynda helped my son improve his test taking skills and his reading ability. He went from reading 80 words per minute to 120 per minute and he passed the FCAT! He is now advancing to the 4th grade and is elated. So am I! Not only that but he enjoyed going to tutoring - which for my son was amazing!"
Carmen E., Poinciana, FL - Parent of 3rd Grade FCAT Student (Passed!)

"As a home school mom I was struggling when I noticed my six year-old daughter having a difficult time learning to read. Ms. Lynda began tutoring my child in March 2009 and within a few months time I saw remarkable improvement. My daughter now tells me, "Mommy, I want to read a story to you." My daughter gave me a memory I will always cherish and Ms. Lynda gave her the gift of reading. I highly recommend Ms. Lynda to help that special one you love. She has that gift from God to help others conquer the world through reading."
Laura P., Auburndale, FL - Parent of 1st Grader

"Lynda has been consulting with me over the phone regarding my 5 year-old son for the past 6 months. I have implemented the techniques and resources she has suggested and have seen amazing results in his reading ability. She has a very systematic method of instruction that is fun and exciting for children. My son is excited to read everyday - even after a long day at school. Learning to read has been fun for him because of the resources, guidance and support Lynda has provided!" Update Dec 2009: Hunter is currently in mid-3rd grade and has a documented reading level of 5.3. I couldn't be happier. Lynda really knows what she's doing."  
Theresa D., Paris, MI - Parent of Kindergartener 

"My daughter was doing well in school but she was weak in writing skills. She could construct sentences well but missed punctuation, and her grammar was terrible. She worked with Lynda for a few sessions and the light bulb came on. All it took was a little one-on-one to get her to where she needed to be. She did well on the FCAT because of the extra help and support Lynda provided."
Tammy T., Poinciana, FL Parent of 5th Grader

                                      Here's What Teachers are Saying:

I wanted to let you know that AJ took the STAR reading test this morning. This is a test students take on the computer several times a year to monitor their progress. One of the scales we look at is the grade equivalent. This give an indication of which grade level students are reading at. In September (2015) AJ was reading at a level of 2.2, which is 2nd grade/2nd month. Today, his grade equivalent is 4.4!!!! That is outstanding progress. I'm so proud of him. 
Ms. Arnez, 3rd Grade Teacher, Polk County FL 

"During this school year one of my students had been tutored by Mrs. Lynda McCartney. My observation has been that from the time these tutoring sessions began, my student's improvement in reading has been considerably positive. Example: In a short time my student went from being a struggling reader to a challenging reader, who now helps others in her group. It is for this reason that I give my complete recommendation of Mrs. McCartney as a tutor. She is an extremely qualified and professional instructor who is also reliable and has the student's best interest at heart."
Ms. Vivian, 1st Grade Teacher, Osceola County, FL

“My student was retained last year and has struggled for some time in reading. Lynda has done wonders with her in such a short period of time. I am amazed at the progress she has made with the help of her tutor.”
Ms. Kearns, 1st Grade Teacher, Osceola County, FL

"Just a short note letting you know how much I appreciate the extra time you give Stephanie towards reading and her homework. I have noticed a big improvement not only in academics, but behavior as well. It makes me so proud to see her being successful in school."
Ms. K., Deerwood Elementary Teacher

"You have done a fantastic job with Savannah's multiplication facts. She knows them and is confident in her ability. Great Job!  Thank you very much for all you are doing for her. She's a lucky girl." 
Ms. M., 3rd Grade Teacher, Eagle Lake Elementary School, Eagle Lake, FL

                                       Here's What Students are Saying: 

"If you are considering Miss Lynda as a tutor for your child I would give her two thumbs up! I have tutored with Miss Lynda and it has helped a lot! I used to read 1st grade books but now that I can read I like to read 5th through 7th grade books. I can't believe I have been tutoring for four months and I went from reading 1st grade to fifth grade books! Not only that but it is fun tutor with Miss Lynda. Miss Lynda has taught me to decode words. She has also taught me phonics. I love to read! Thank you Miss Lynda!" 
Hope R.,  6th Grader, Winter Haven, FL.

"Dear Miss Lynda,
I have had the best time for the past several months with you. i have learned ways to help me with my reading, ways to chop words apart, and help me to be confident. Thank you for teaching me so much."
Samantha A. 4th Grader, Winter Haven, FL

"Ms. Lynda is very nice. I love her and she loves me. She is so fun!" 
Isaac I., 1st Grader, Lakeland, FL  

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