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End of School Year UPDATE....(May 27 2020)

*****We are are still open!!!!!******

We offer convenient and easy face-to face AND online tutoring sessions by our AWESOME TUTORS!!!

School is out and summer is HERE!!! Children usually respond with, "YEAH!!!" But teachers and tutors who care respond by saying, "Oh No!" It's called, "Summer Slide" and it is what happens when children don't use the academic skills that they have learned over the long summer months. You have heard the phrase, Use it or Lose it? This typically happens to ALL children during the summer break. So, now is the perfect time to help your child KEEP and BUILD their skills in their reading, writing and mathematics during the summer months 

Don't let summer pass you and your children by without some extra help from a qualified, upbeat, and effective tutor. With just one or two hours per week, your child will enter school in August with confidence and be ahead of the game!!

 Feel free to give us a call and we can get your child started ASAP!!!

We can tutor using Zoom, Skype, Facebook Messenger, Facetime, or whatever online platform you may have.  If you need help learning how to connect online, we can help with that too!  

Just give us a call at: 863-293-6172

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Is your child or someone you know struggling with reading, writing, spelling, math, etc? 
You can get help with

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ABC Tutoring
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Reading Comprehension
Math (All Levels)
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We Do It ALL!!!!!

Conveniently located in TWO locations in Winter Haven, FL 
near many Polk County Elementary Schools

Our tutors have years of experience teaching the complicated
task of learning to read. We have had great success in increasing
reading and comprension levels in students in a short period of time. 
And our students have a great time doing it!
Check out our testimonials! 


I have no idea what went on in your small classroom on Tuesday, July 26th. But I have not seen my son so excited after attending any type of learning experience. He talked about working with you before I even asked him how the session went. His statements included: 

"That was the best school ever", 

"Why was that class so short?" 

"I love the breaks she let me take." 

"I want to go to that school again." 

The lessons you asked him to practice at home he eagerly showed me. I caught him doing them while riding in the car the following day. He wanted to take his memory game over to see his grandparents and taught them how to play as well. I am still in awe. So what ever you are doing - Keep up the great work!

 K.R. Winter Haven, FL - Parent of 1st grader

*We Specialize in Reading Instruction and Remediation

Using Orton-Gillingham Based Products -
proven effective for dyslexic
and learning disabled student

*After School and Evening Hours

*Excellent Instruction by 
Highly Qualified and 
Experienced Tutors!

*Great References!

Great Results!

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What is the Orton-Gillingham Approach
and what makes it so unique?

It is Diagnostic and Prescriptive: 
Orton-Gillingham is diagnostic and prescriptive meaning each lesson is planned for a particular student or small group of students. It is not a "packaged" curriculum in which "one size fits all." The teacher must be adaptable and flexible, understanding the learner's needs and using appropriate teaching strategies. 

It is Multisensory: 
Most reading programs incorporate one, possibly two sensory systems (mostly hearing and possibly seeing). Incorporating all of the sensory systems when learning to read means that the student has more ways to "hook" the information for recall later on. Students should be able to touch, feel, taste, move, hear, see and instruction when learning - plus it's a lot more FUN!

It is Direct and Explicit: 
The O-G method is direct and explicit, and students are not expected to know anything that has not already been taught and practiced. Each aspect of the reading process is taught directly (if needed) and sufficient practice is provided so the student can master and apply in reading.

It is Language Based: 
Teachers are trained in the structure of the English language. They teach the language as it is to the students where they are in their understanding of the language. Many programs say that they employ multisensory methods but to e truly multisensory, teachers must make sure that auditory, visual and kinesthetic elements are utilized together to reinforce each element for optimal learning. 

It is Cumulative: 
Review of previously learned material is essential to building success with reading. Starting with simple and progressing to more complex produces a student who is confident in their knowledge base and ready to learn more. 

It Incorporates Reading and Spelling: 
Once a child learns how to attach sounds to letters and blend those sounds to make words the process can then be reversed to take the sounds in words and attach them to letters to spell words. Reading and spelling go hand in hand - so it makes sense that instruction include reading and spelling.

How it All Works: 

Students begin by reading and writing letter/sounds in isolation. These letter/sounds are blended into syllables and words. The consonants, digraphs, blends, and vowel teams are all introduced in a structured, sequential way.

Students learn new material while also reviewing "old" material until their skills are automatic. Vocabulary, sentence structure, writing and composition, and reading comprehension are all taught in a structured, sequential and cumulative manner. Students learn rules and generalizations that govern a lot of the English language. Meta-cognitive strategies are taught and encouraged so that reading and writing become thinking activities rather than guessing games.

Finally, because Orton-Gillingham skills are constantly reviewed and new material is introduced systematically, students experience a high degree of success with each lesson. Students gain both confidence and skill. Self-esteem develops from that success, and learning becomes a positive experience. 
Two Locations: 2084 SR 540, Winter Haven, FL 33880  (Southwest Winter Haven)    1690 Dundee Road, Winter Haven, 33884 (Northeast Winter Haven)